Updated on Friday, Jan 25, 2019

Precinct Chairs make up the "grass roots" of a political party. Campaigns and parties have used all sorts of methods to reach their intended voters, but these tools are mostly proprietary, and beyond the reach of most precinct chairs. State and County parties have convention lists and donor contact lists that are helpful to manage the party, but the Precinct Chair is generally dependent on one of these sources for information about their precinct, even though the Precinct Chair is often the closest to real-time information for their precinct. intends to provide precinct chairs a "blog" and data management tools to make generating, capturing and analyzing information possible for the average Precinct Chair. could also be a source of neighborhood political information that can compete with other news sources once a precinct website has been promoted and accepted by precinct voters as a reliable source of information from a trusted neighbor. is intended to be a local website bringing a balance of personal, neighborhood charm combined with accurate information on elected officials, candidates and ballot propositions for every election in that local precinct, and opportunities to members of the precinct based on the precinct chairs knowledge. intends to set up precincts for local Tarrant County precinct chairs starting in 2019 with a goal to provide all Tarrant County registered voters a good source of local Republican information for any given election, political activity and a portal for information on government resources.

A major redesign of the MyPrecinct precinct websites is nearly complete. I believe the wait will be worth it.

Information Matters
 Updated on Friday, Jan 25, 2019

The precinct websites of will be available to any registered voter to find accurate and information on elections, candidates and ballot propositions. Qualified precinct chairman are provided the tools to manage and present local political opportunities and better organize their local community activities through the website services provided by What makes MyPrecinct unique is that precinct news is entirely within the control of the precinct chairman, NOT a central "Party" or "Campaign" database. provides periodic updates of registered voters and election results from official government sources so the precinct data, reports, information and analysis are always relevant, and accessible 24/7 to the precinct chair. Ownership of private precinct data always remains with the precinct chair, who can release the data along with many specialized reports, walk lists, phone lists, etc. to candidates or party officials under the precinct chairman's terms. This is intended to be a grass roots tool that enables the power of information to reside at the lowest level possible in the political realm - the precinct.