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Texas Legislature Status
 Updated on Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The Texas Legislature 88th Regular Session has ended. Governor Abbott has called for a series of special sessions to address issues that were not resolved in the regular session.

Governor Abbott will be signing into law bills that were passed in the regular session that address the following:

End COVID restrictions and mandates;  
Provide more than $5.1 billion to secure the border and fund the Texas National Guard, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the border wall;  
Designate Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations;
Prosecute fentanyl deaths as murder;
Protect women’s sports and female collegiate athletes;
Focus community colleges on preparing Texas students for high skill careers;
Increase electric power generation to secure the Texas power grid;  
Hold rogue district attorneys accountable;
Protect children from life-altering gender mutilation;
Ban illegal DEI hiring practices in our colleges and universities;
Add $1.4 billion to make Texas schools safer;
Require armed security at all schools;
Provide access to mental healthcare for students at all schools; and
Require regular safety checks of school buildings.

As of May 30, Governor Abbott has signed 270 bills into law. A total of 1, 242 bills have been sent to the Governor by the Texas Legislature for his signature. As of May 30 only 2 bills have been vetoed by the Governor.

The top 3 links to bookmark in your browser for Legislative sessions and research on any bill are:

House Research Organization - nonpartisan independent department of the Texas House of Representatives. It provides impartial information on legislation and issues before the Texas Legislature.

Senate Research Center - provides quality, specialized, objective research and information to the Texas Senate and Office of the Lieutenant Governor.

Texas Legislature Online - all the resources of the Texas Senate and Texas House and Texas code and statutes, including filed bills and current status, journals, video broadcasts (live and previous), contacts and information on how the Legislature works in Texas. Also includes historical information on previous Legislative sessions. Searching on bills that are signed by the Governor will provide the exact date that Governor Abbott signed a particular bill into law.