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What Is Behind the Curtains of the Ken Paxton Impleachment?
 Updated on Friday, Sep 15, 2023

Why would most of our Legislators that have authored, supported and passed legislation such as the $100,000 property tax homestead exemption, ending child gender modification, strengthening parental rights, some of the most restrictive laws on abortion and the largest pushback in America against woke policies in Higher Education seem suddenly to vote to impeach a popular Texas Attorney General? Some voices with money and "grassroots" media resources are making accusations of “RINO” against some of these Legislators, spreading information that in some cases they have had to retract or else face a lawsuit. These same organizations are formulating plans to run handpicked candidates which they will heavily promote against seasoned Republican candidates in the upcoming Primary. These plans are being financed by “dark money” that comes from wealthy west Texas individuals that contribute heavily to organizations such as Texas Scorecard, Defend Texas Liberty, Texas Public Policy Foundation, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility and the now defunct organization Empower Texas. For many, the ruse works as the daily email blasts from these organizations and some of their affiliates often provide useful information on issues that are important to many Texans. However, like many major news media organizations, information is omitted and cherry picked to lead the reader to a conclusion that is not supported by the truth.

Following the money provides a more useful picture, and following the actions of the principle characters provides even more clues for the savvy Constitutional oriented voter. Some articulate that the impeachment of Ken Paxton is due to those who oppose conservative ideals and seek to amass power to promote their ideals for society. Calling their opponents “RINOS” is an old strategy that has been used effectively throughout history, a label that implies much and means little under scrutiny. Name calling was used by Joseph Goebbels against the Jewish people in Germany and the surrounding area prior to WWII. That strategy is effective when people do not stop to evaluate why the label is being used, and what it actually means. Calling someone a RINO because you personally don't like them, disagree with them on one matter or another, and refuse to acknowledge shared values is elementary school playground behavior. The "bad fruit" of this tendency will become evident soon enough in Texas if we voters enable a vocal minority to propagate a false reality of our Legislators. One of these organizations "heros" was recently Rep. Bryan Slaton, who was removed from office by the Texas House this past Legislative session for his actions that violated the law (coerced sex with an intern). I have yet to hear of any news from these organizations that covered this recent action in the Texas House, but they have no problem promoting people like Byron Slaton that will take their money and do their bidding. The consistent omission of relevant information is what is troubling to me with many of these well funded organizations. Misleading and false narratives do not mix well with a civil society as history consistently demonstrates.

There is more to the situation with Attorney General Ken Paxton than is being megaphoned by these alleged "conservative" organizations. Regarding the impeachment of Attorney General Ken Paxton, there is evidence that has led the vast majority of our Texas House Legislators to take an unpopular stand based on the evidence they witnessed that led to the indictment. If you have ever sat on a Grand Jury, an indictment does not mean a conviction - it means that there is enough evidence of wrongdoing that the person should stand trial for their actions. I think when the evidence is actually read that is on the Texas Senate's website, there is sufficient evidence to warrant a trial. Whether the evidence rises to the level of impeachment or not is debatable. I do not envy Texas Senators for the difficult decision they will need to make this next month. I hope that there is a means of keeping the good work that Ken Paxton has done on behalf of the state of Texas, while resolving the issues that have been brought up due to his decisions regarding Nate Paul and the financiers that may have undue influence on the Attorney General's office.

So be prepared for the upcoming Primary. There is already evidence of funds appropriations supporting “controlled” candidates. These candidates will run on platforms that twist and malign the records of solid, verifiably conservative candidates, cherry picking voting records and omitting relevant information regarding the conservative battles they have fought and won on the Texas House or Senate floor.

I will make public my research for Republican Primary candidates as we get closer to the 2024 Primaries which will be available on this website and through other sources here in Tarrant County. Until then, stay vigilant and seek wisdom for the coming days.