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Attorney General Paxton Acquitted on All House Charges
 Updated on Thursday, Sep 21, 2023

Today, Saturday, September 16, 2023 the Texas Senate acquitted Attorney General Ken Paxton on all charges. The evidence presented in the Senate trials did not meet the standard set by the Senate rules. One can learn much from the trial from the various testimonies given regarding why this even became a trial. One can also learn much from the recent interview Ken Paxton had with Tucker Carlson that is on Twitter.

Some will say this was wrong from the beginning, but that means they agree to overlook political favoritism, adultery and misuse of government funds. They will "celebrate" this win with nary a thought to what moral standard they are embracing with their rhetoric. Is there such a thing as grace? Certainly. Without it, none of us would have hope that we could be righteous in God's eyes. Today Ken Paxton experienced grace in a tangible manner.

I support the decision that the Senate made in regards to Attorney General Ken Paxton, but regret the results to good people that did the hard thing in what they thought were illegal actions. One of the former employees is now aligned with one of the premier conservative legal organizations, Alliance Defense Fund which has an impressive record at the Supreme Court defending Liberty. What else will the financial masters that spent enormous amounts of money to protect Attorney General Ken Paxton overlook in regards to the laws that bind us as a nation in their pursuit of power? This is why I cannot "celebrate" this decision, but I do encourage people to learn from it. If we strive to be a "rule by law" society, rather than being ruled by tyrants, whether the collective type or those that espouse individual freedom to the point of anarchy which has always in the past led to tyrannical leaders, we should be careful to understand why there were two legitimate sides to this trial. Name calling one side "rinos" only obfuscates the real issues behind this historical event. Pay attention to those who would do so - this is an opportunity to learn something valuable.