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Election Results - Texas Legislative Houses
 Updated on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

Here's the current Texas Senate and House numbers resulting from the November 2018 General Election. The numbers are based on the unofficial results posted on the Secretary of State's website, and do not take into account potential runoffs where there were close votes. I think Jonathon Stickland's race (HD92) may be the only one, but I could be mistaken.

Texas Senate
Republicans: 19 61.3%)
Democrats: 12 (38.7%)

Texas House
Republicans: 83 (55.3%)
Democrats: 67 (44.7%)

Both the Senate and the House lost some Republican members in this election, but the Republicans will still be in the majority in both Legislative chambers. The next event that will determine how effective this next Legislative session will be for conservative ideology will be in the selection of the Speaker of the House. You won't get much true information about this from the Democrat biased media. I recommend you talk directly to your Legislator's staff or Empower Texans.

Election Results - Tarrant County
 Updated on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

All of the offices representing us in Tarrant County will continue to be filled by Republicans as a result of the November 2018 General Election. I am grateful for the results, as I know most of the people personally and know that they have a heart to serve the citizens of Tarrant County in their elected capacity. Their principles and values are consistent with a Constitutional approach to government, which means that they will continue to function under the law, and be fair minded to competing needs. I will be updating the list of elected officials on this website soon that are applicable to our precinct, but for the most part, incumbents were elected so the current list is fairly accurate.

Thanks for all those who came out to support Republican values and the candidates who are committed to those values! The precinct is not as Republican minded as it once was, so we all have work to do in dialoging with our neighbors and friends about why we are passionate for the Republican values and principles that bring prosperity, peace and the opportunity for happiness and the candidates that represent us in preserving and promoting those values.

Texas 2018 General Election Results - Overall
 Updated on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

Our State Republican Chairman sent out the following today:

Last night we saw the culmination of several years of concentrated effort by the left - and the impact of over $100 million spent - in their dream to turn Texas blue again.

Thankfully they failed to win a single statewide elected office. Congratulations to our many Republican candidates for their victories, including Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Greg Abbott. Overall, Texas voters still recognize that the conservative values Republican leadership has implemented in Texas over the past 15 years provide better results for their families, more jobs and a stronger economy.

Although there were some setbacks, especially in the Court of Appeals, we can be thankful that Texan people by and large have rejected the rhetoric that leading Democrats have used in their recent campaigns. We realize we have much work to do in the next two years to dialog with our fellow neighbors and friends in gratitude for the liberty and blessings we experience with good government leaders in place.

Passing Thoughts
 Updated on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -- John Quincy Adams

If God wanted us to vote, he would have given us candidates. -- Jay Leno

When I was a boy I was told  that anybody could become President; I'm beginning to believe it. -- Clarence Darrow

I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. -- Charles de Gaulle

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 Updated on Tuesday, Jun 19, 2018

There is a contact form on the website now that makes it easy to contact me. The contact form is available in the Voter Resources button links.

In Summary
 Updated on Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

A Republican Precinct chairman is primarily meant to render service to any who are seeking information about Republican candidates and ideas, and serve as a representative of the party for the local area. With the advent of the internet, information is significantly more available than in the past. This website serves the purpose of providing information and resources for any who desire to be more effective in promoting and voting for a government that is of, by and for the people according to the U.S. Constitution and the values Republicans share in their party platform. Please use the contact form if I can be of service to you in understanding any part of this process of choosing and electing good leaders and preserving and encouraging good government in our city, county, state and nation. Thanks for your interest!